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Since the first patient with the virus was admitted, the hospital has had only six hours with no COVID patients. “These times are when you have to be operating very efficiently.” He said the hospital is seeing many people who are sick from other illnesses rather than the coronavirus. Often they are people who have neglected their chronic care needs during the pandemic and are afraid to see their doctor. The first case in the county was diagnosed March 26. As of Friday, the Alabama Department of Health reports Marengo County has 1,144 people who have tested positive, not including 66 probable cases; 42 of those cases have been reported in the last three days. The county has seen 21 people die from the virus, and another three deaths are suspected. “I’m really, really proud of the team,” said Brewer. “We’ve become very, very good at treating these patients. Our patients have been having excellent browse this site outcomes,” but, like other hospitals around the country, keeping health care professionals on staff is difficult. “Staffing is a challenge. That’s probably what keeps me up at night right now,” he said.