Have You Ever Thought About Production?

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Maryland, for example, just updated its hemp regulations on Oct. 30. “Hemp is an emerging agricultural commodity that presents a new opportunity for farmers looking to diversify their operations,” said Maryland Secretary of Agriculture Joe Bartenfelder in an Oct. 30 press release. “We have seen significant interest in the first two years of the Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program and we are excited to expand the state’s hemp industry with the new Hemp Farming Program.” Under the new Hemp Farming Program, growers may apply to produce and cultivate hemp for commercial purposes. In previous years, Maryland growers have only been able to produce hemp under the department’s Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program. Powell advised growers to work with universities to have access to as much information as possible. She also urged growers to consider that processing facilities may be in short supply when making their growing decisions. When it comes to dealing with banks and lending institutions, farmers may have to educate people about hemp.